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Driving on bad tires can lead to additional problems, including wasting gas. Stop in for your repair or replacements today.


We can also perform regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep your car running. Don't get stuck on the road or stuck with a major repair bill.

We also house top-of-the-line equipment to ensure you the best tire service. If your tire requires repair instead of replacement, we offer experienced repair service. We can meet all of your tire needs right here.  

Don't drive on bald tires when you can get new or used tires from Miracle Motors of Warwick, RI. We have brands like Michelin, Continental, and Bridgestone. We'll find the right tires for your vehicle.

Finding the right tires for your car

Using the best equipment for your tire service

For a better auto shop experience


Don't let tire troubles lead to additional troubles

  • Tire replacement

  • Tire repair

  • Check tire pressure

  • Tires mounted

  • Tires balanced

  • Tires rotated

  • Hunter GSP 9700 Road Force Balance

  • Hunter TC3500 Tire Machine

Tire services from certified technicians

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Q. Is tire pressure really that important? I mean, if my pressure is a few pounds high or low, what does it really matter?


A. Tire pressure is extremely important to the performance and the SAFETY of your vehicle. You should check your tire pressure frequently or at least monthly. If your pressure is too high or too low, you can lose gas mileage and can add to the wear and tear of your tire's tread; and, improper tire pressure can cause your tires to fail. It's easy to ignore tire pressure and to just hop in the car and go, but it can have serious repercussions for your wallet and the safety of you and your passengers.



Q. I have a flat tire, can I repair it or do I have to completely replace my tire?


A. That all depends on the amount of damage done to the tire and the condition of the tire. If the sidewall is blown or damaged or the seal is broken, then no, the tire is shot, but if there is a simple puncture that can be sealed, then yes, the tire can likely be repaired. Remove the tire, put your spare on, and call Miracle Motors for repair and testing.



Q. I`ve heard that the tires on my vehicle actually affect my gas mileage, is this true?


A. Absolutely. Your tires affect your gas mileage in many ways. Two things to make sure of is that you have the proper tires and the proper pressure, according to the manufacturers suggested tire pressure, which is listed right on the tire itself. Properly inflated tires that fit your car can help maximize your gas mileage.

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